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Dogs, like humans, are very social animals. Driving interactive play between you and your dog, or them and their furry mate from down the road, is a way to not only positively cement the bond you have with them, but to also fulfill that need for social interaction that they have. There are a couple of interactive games you can play with your dog that will satisfy their deep-rooted instincts to search, chase, grab and tug.

-          Tug-of-war: As canines, your dog has a natural urge to grab and pull on things with their mouth, which comes from the act of hunting in the wild. A good old session of tug-of-war with your dog provides a highly interactive activity for both you and your dog, and a great form of mental and physical exercise. The best type of toys for this are those with rope, or a combination of rope/plush or rope/rubber that are made to provide a safe way for you to play with your dog in this way.

-          Fetch: The classic game of fetch, usually one of the first things that you teach your dog, right? Hunting and retrieving food is a behaviour that has been bred into domestic dogs over thousands of years, so much so that it is now something that is pleasurable and exciting for them. This is why fetch, whether it be a sturdy ball or a toy that you can toss, is a great form of physical exercise for them, as well as a way to build on the bond you have with your dog.