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Valentines day is just around the corner, have you ever wondered how you can truly tell if your cat loves you? Cats can be very secretive about their affections, unlike their canine friends, however if you look close enough there are some tell tale signs you can watch out for. 

1. Belly Up

A cats belly is a vulnerable place, If a cat rolls over and lets you pat thier belly its a sign. You are in!

2. They can't get enough

When your cat is always there, underfoot, or generally your new shadow don't be worried. They just love you a whole bunch.

3. Gift Giving

Ever been delivered a nice little mouse surprise? Try not to be upset, when a cat gives you a gift it means your cat thinks of you as family.

4. Head Butts

When your cat comes in hot for a big head butt, or rubs their furry cheeks all over you, it shouldn't be seen as pesky behaviour. Rather they are mixing your scents to cement your bond together

5. Night time cuddles

Cats are secretive like a teenage girl, and often shy about showing their affection. cats will often give you their best cuddle session when you are asleep, waking up with them on your chest is a sure sign they love you.

6. Slow blink

like humans, cats do a lot of talking with their eyes. The look, a slow open and close of their eyes, well that may as well be a marriage proposal. remember to return a slow blink back

7. Kneading

kneading and purring are a sign that your cat is relaxed and comfortable with you, if that't not love what is right?

8. Hanging Out

often when you have people over your cat will never be seen, that's because they don't like strangers! Some cats show their affection for their humans by simply being in the same room as them, hanging out.

9. Body Language

It's all in the tail. you get home and your cat comes running to you, tail high. This basically is "OMG i love you so much" in human speak.